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As a homeowner, security is your foremost concerns. Right from buying the choicest locks to equipping your property with new-age security systems and more, you might’ve done everything it takes to safeguard your premises from potential security threats. However, there are times when we overlook the smaller, yet crucial aspects of security.

For instance, consider your locks; how many people have access to it? You might have handed out a copy of the keys to your gardener, babysitter, neighbor or a technician. With so many keys in circulation, you never know when a copy of your key is made discreetly and used to gain access into your property. All your security measures fall flat, because you’ve unwittingly handed out your keys to a potential intruder. Rekeying your locks from time to time can help you bridge this often overlooked security gap and restore your sense of security.

If you live in Jamaica Plain, MA area, you can rely on Jamaica Plain Locksmith Store for rekey locks residential 24 Hr service.

What is rekeying?

The process involves dismantling the lock, removing the internal pins and replacing it with a new one that aligns to a different configuration. The rekeyed lock is then fitted and new keys for the same are made. While on the surface, it might appear that you’re using the same locks, any old keys, when operated, would fail to open them up. This is one of the most cost-effective ways to bolster your security level without replacing the entire lock set. Our rekey locks residential 24 hr service can help you with the process.

You’ll need our service when:

  • You’ve just evicted a tenant:

    Evictions are rarely carried out on good terms. In fact, the bitter experience may urge your ex-tenant to seek revenge. Prevent any chances of entry into your property by availing our rekey locks residential 24 hr service.

  • Moved into a new home:

    If you’ve just moved into a new home, before unpacking your stuff, you need to ensure that the locks in the property are rekeyed. Former owners, building contractors, neighbors; just about anyone could have the keys to your property. Rekeying will bar their access.

  • You’ve lost key control:

    Losing track of your key copies or suspecting that one of them might be stolen calls for an immediate lock rekeying. You never know when the missing key could be used against you. Our rekey locks residential 24 Hr service can serve such urgent requirements.

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